Pentax MX Review – The Mazda Miata of 35mm SLRs

2100 1181 Jonathan Ma

We review the Pentax MX, a tiny and very capable Pentax 35mm SLR from the 1970s.

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Hands On with the Pentax 17 – the New Film Camera from Pentax

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Our hands-on review of the Pentax 17, an all-new half-frame point-point-and-shoot film camera from Pentax.

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Single Shot Stories No. 012 – Skateboard by Jeff Greenstein

1443 2000 Guest Author

Jeff Greenstein tells the story of how his kinetic and dreamy photo of a skateboarder came to life with the help of an unusual and inscrutable old camera.

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The New Film Camera from Pentax is a Half Frame Compact – Details!

1002 561 James Tocchio

New details on the Pentax Film Project’s first new camera – a half frame compact for beginners and young people.

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These are the Best Medium Format Film Cameras for Beginners

2000 1334 James Tocchio

James lists a number of the best medium format film cameras for people just starting their medium format journey.

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Pentax Unveils Plans to Build a New Range of Film Cameras

1888 1007 James Tocchio

Pentax unveils plans to release a whole range of new film cameras! Details here!

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Parents and Portraits with Film Photographer Han Phan

1958 2400 Danielle Wrobleski

Film photographer Han Phan chats with us about photography, her parents, portrait projects, and the rising costs of photography.

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The Ten Best Electronic 35mm SLR’s Ever Made

2000 1125 Josh Solomon

After seven years of shooting classic cameras, we’ve compiled our list of the ten best electronic SLRs of all time.

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A Brief History of See-Through Cameras

2000 1125 James Tocchio

James gives a very quick history of the cutaway camera, the see-through camera, and where these collectible models come from.

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Pentax 67 Review – It’s a Big Camera

1800 1013 James Tocchio

James shot the Pentax 67 in 2016 and 2018, and was less than impressed. In 2020 he tries again. Here’s the review.

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The Sea Fog of Klitmøller, Denmark (Cold Hawaii) Shot on Film

1800 1013 Leah Damgaard-Hansen

In the small fishing town of Klitmøller, Denmark there is a phenomenon called havgus, unfathomably dense sea fog. Here it is, shot on film.

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All the Kolors of the Rainbow – Revolog Film, a Pentax LX, and Pride

1800 1012 Charlotte Davis

Charlotte shoots Pride with the Pentax LX and Revolog Kolor film, an experimental color negative rainbow splashed 35mm film!

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Our Favorite Lenses as Chosen by Your Favorite Camera Geeks

2100 1181 James Tocchio

An all-star lineup of camera nerds pick our favorite lenses, including JCH, Hamish of 35mmc, and many more. Which is your favorite lens??

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Rokkor, Nikkor, Takumar and Zuiko – The Stories Behind Japanese Lens Names

2560 1440 Josh Solomon

What’s with those names? Josh briefly tells us the origins of lens brand names such as Nikkor, Zuiko, Rokkor, and Takumar.

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