Back to Basics with a Nikon F, 50mm f/2, and a roll of Tri-X

1800 1013 Echo Lens Photography

Sometimes things feel complicated, our brains and shelves get cluttered. At these times, getting back to basics can add some clarity.

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Stop Trying To Turn Film Cameras Into Digital Cameras

816 460 James Tocchio

James offers an opinion on the recurring product launches that promise to turn your film camera into a digital camera.

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f/8 And Be There – the Unclear Origin of a Photographic Mantra and What It Really Means

2560 1440 James Tocchio

James explores the unclear origin of “f/8 and be there” and contemplates what the photographic mantra really means today.

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Print, Print, Print, Print, Print! Print Your Photos!

2000 1125 James Tocchio

James goes off on a real tangent. The short version – print your photographs and you’ll be a happier photographer.

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Yes, The Camera Matters

2560 1707 James Tocchio

James gets all introspective in this (admittedly self-indulgent) article about what really matters when we use the camera.

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Our Most Popular Posts of 2021 (and Thank You!)

1920 1080 James Tocchio

In 2021, more than 3 million of you visited my website. That’s wild! Thank you! Here are the most popular posts that we published in 2021.

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Worried About the Rising Cost of Film Photography? Here Are Some Ways to Cope

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Film prices have risen year on year, and they’re set to rise again in 2022. Here are five ways to cope with the rising cost of shooting film.

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Nikon Finally Wakes Up, Releases Juggernaut Z9

2000 1125 Jeb Inge

Remember the days of the Nikon 1? It was just ten years ago, but also a lifetime. A literal lifetime as the mirrorless marketplace as we know it is only about 13 years old. It’s…

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What I Learned Shooting My Vacation on Film

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Some lessons are learned the easy way and some are a bit more painful. Here’s everything that I learned shooting my vacation on film.

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You Don’t Need to be Good at Photography

2000 1125 Juliet Schwab

Need to feel inspired? In today’s article, Juliet reminds us that you don’t need to be good at photography to enjoy photography.

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If a Lens Vignettes But Nobody Sees It, Did It Really Vignette?

2000 1125 Matt Wright

Matt Wright of Leica Lenses for Normal People vents his thoughts over the phenomenon of lens vignetting, and questions if it matters…

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Finding Joy Through Shedding Camera Gear

1975 1110 Jeb Inge

With spring in the air, Jeb takes a look at his collection of camera gear and trims the fat with some motivation from Marie Kondo.

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On the Relationship Between Music and Photography

2200 1467 Nick Clayton

A few of the CP writers (who also happen to be musicians) share their thoughts on the relationship between the two art forms.

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A Belated and Lukewarm Take on the Discontinuation of Fuji Pro 400H

3000 1688 Jeb Inge

Now that the dust has settled, Jeb shares a few of his thoughts on the discontinuation of Fuji Pro 400H.

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