Shooting a 50 Year Old Roll of Kodak Panatomic X 35mm Film

2200 1238 James Tocchio

James shoots a fifty year old roll of Kodak Panatomic X, a fine grain, low speed black and white film.

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The Best Travel Camera Today is a Cheap, Old Digicam

1650 2200 Sarah Rizzo

Sarah shares why the perfect travel camera today is a cheap old digicam, a digital point and shoot from the 2000s.

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Kodak Ektar H35 Half Frame Film Camera Review

2200 1237 James Tocchio

The Kodak Ektar H35 is the most affordable way to get into film photography. Just don’t expect high quality build or images.

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Polaroid Releases the I-2, Their Most Advanced Instant Camera in Decades

1989 864 James Tocchio

Polaroid announces their newest and most capable instant film camera, the Polaroid I-2!

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The New Nifty Fifty— Er, Forty? Nikon Nikkor Z 40mm F/2 Lens Review

2200 1238 James Tocchio

James reviews the Nikon Nikkor Z 40mm f/2, a high performance, compact, lightweight full-frame Nikon Z Mount lens that costs just $279.

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Things I Learned in Five Years of Thrifting Film Cameras

2200 1238 Roberto Felipe

Roberto shares some tips and generally sound advice learned after five years of hunting and thrifting for special cameras.

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Casual Birder is an Endearing Game About Photographing Birds

2560 1440 James Tocchio

James comes with something different today, a review of a video game that’s all about photographing birds.

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Shooting Boston’s Seaport District with a Contax TVS Digital

1838 1035 James Tocchio

James takes y’all on a stroll through Boston’s Seaport District with a Contax TVS Digital point and shoot from 2002.

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The Fujifilm X-T1 and Olympus Half-Frame Lenses Make the Ultimate Digital Film System

2200 1237 Josh Solomon

Josh finally finds his ideal digital / film camera kit. Here’s why it’s the Fuji X-T1 and a suite of old Olympus Pen lenses.

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Canon FD 200mm F/2.8 Lens Review – A Case for Legacy Telephoto Primes

2000 1125 Chris Cushing

It’s no surprise that every world-class camera company has each produced at least a few brilliant prime lenses that legacy shooters claw over one another to buy; Minolta has their…

The Milk Bath Portrait and How it Changed Everything

2400 1350 James Tocchio

Through his most famous character’s lips, Arthur Conan Doyle once lamented “There is nothing new under the sun.” But he was wrong. Because I recently…

A Moment with Kodak – by Laurence Von Thomas, Founder of Reflex

2048 1358 James Tocchio

Laurence Von Thomas is the founder of Reflex. His Reflex I camera is a modern interpretation of the classic 35mm film SLR that was successfully Kickstarted late…

Five Slightly-Less-Famous Photographers You Should Know About

1141 729 James Tocchio

You know those famous photographers everyone’s always squawking about? Bresson, Ansel Adams, Daidō Moriyama, uh… Eric Kim? Well this isn’t about them. They’re covered ad nauseam…

Desert Island Cameras No. 04 – Leica Edition with Japan Camera Hunter Bellamy Hunt

1280 783 James Tocchio

We’re back with another edition of Desert Island Cameras, the recurring feature in which we spotlight the best of the best from a given camera…