Lyndsey Hansen – Interview with the Photographer

2000 1125 Danielle Wrobleski

Danielle interviews Lyndsey Hansen, a film photographer who makes gorgeous portraits and otherworldly film soup compositions.

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The Nikon One Touch Zoom or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Point-and-Shoot

2000 1125 Josh Solomon

Josh reviews the Nikon One Touch Zoom, an “anonymous” point and shoot 35mm film camera that’s heightened his appreciation of the class.

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Kodak Reflex II Review – A Rollei Competitor at a Tenth the Price?

2000 1125 Juliet Schwab

Juliet reviews the Kodak Reflex II, a contemporary of the Rollei TLR which makes beautiful photos at a tenth the price.

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Single Shot Stories No. 005 – Paul Hoppe, Beware of Train

2000 1506 Guest Author

Our latest Single Shot Story comes from Paul Hoppe, who ruminates on the paths that life can take.

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Female Photographers to Follow – August 2021

2000 1125 Danielle Wrobleski

Danielle Wrobleski is back with her monthly list of five female film photographers you should be following right now!

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Five Favorite Photos – Imogen Cunningham’s After Ninety

2000 1125 Juliet Schwab

Juiet shares five favorite photos from Imogen Cunningham’s After Ninety, an unflinching photographic exploration of old age.

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Our Favorite Lenses as Chosen by Your Favorite Camera Geeks

2100 1181 James Tocchio

An all-star lineup of camera likers pick their favorite lenses, including JCH, Hamish of 35mmc, and many more. Plus, we want to know your favorite lens!

I Called the Contax T2 Overrated, This Reader Disagreed

2800 1575 James Tocchio

Every Friday, I end the workweek by posting an Ask Me Anything on the site’s Instagram stories. Through these AMAs, readers of the site and…

Finding Joy Through Shedding Camera Gear

1975 1110 Jeb Inge

With spring in the air, Jeb takes a look at his collection of camera gear and trims the fat with some motivation from Marie Kondo.

The Value of Self-Editing, and Picking Your One Favorite Photograph

2200 1238 James Tocchio

Do you have any idea how many photos you’ve taken in your lifetime? For most of us, the answer is probably “I can’t count that…

Film and Me, Five Years Later (Expectation Versus Reality)

2000 1125 Dario Veréb

Dario loves film cameras, but five years later he grapples with the reality of shooting film. Read his thoughts & add yours in the comments.