Single Shot Stories No. 009 – Alistair Hamilton, Bath Cat

1279 2000 James Tocchio

Everyone likes cat pictures, right? How about if they’re made with a Nikon F2 and 55mm f/1.2? Shot in 1987? Even better.

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New Show on the Casual Photophile YouTube Channel

1392 644 James Tocchio

Starting now and continuing until enough people beg me to stop, I’m publishing our most popular articles as a podcast (of sorts) on YouTube.

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A Mississippi Cemetery and a Shattered Glass Plate – by Lukas Flippo

2000 1500 Guest Author

Every time we visit my grandfather’s grave, my dad makes a joke. “You know why they have fences around cemeteries? Because people are just dyin’ to get in!”

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Reviewing My Time with the Konica Hexar RF

2000 1125 Drew Chambers

Drew reviews the Konica Hexar RF, a 35mm film rangefinder camera that blends manual and automatic functions in an interesting way.

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The Mamiya Watcher A is a 35mm Film Surveillance Camera Built Into a Clock

2000 1125 James Tocchio

James has been the victim of a heinous theft. In today’s article he uses the Mamiya Watcher A to capture the criminal.

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Yes, The Camera Matters

2560 1707 James Tocchio

James gets all introspective in this (admittedly self-indulgent) article about what really matters when we use the camera.

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In Japan, Digicams are the New Film – Guest Post by Johnny Yokoyama

2000 1125 Guest Author

I’d like to introduce a new photography trend. Welcome to the exciting world of “Digicams.” Wait! Don’t roll your eyes just yet!

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Our Most Popular Posts of 2021 (and Thank You!)

1920 1080 James Tocchio

In 2021, more than 3 million of you visited my website. That’s wild! Thank you! Here are the most popular posts that we published in 2021.

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Interview with Film Photographer Danica Thomas

2048 2560 Danielle Wrobleski

Danielle interviews Danica Thomas, a photographer shooting exclusively with 35mm film, about her journey and process.

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Kobalux Wide 28mm F/3.5 LTM Lens Review

1800 1012 James Tocchio

The Kobalux Wide 28mm F/3.5 LTM lens is an uncommon and uncommonly tiny Japanese lens that harkens back to old-world quality at a reasonable price!

What’s an ‘Apollo’ Nikon F and Why It Matters

2400 1350 James Tocchio

James explains what makes the special Nikon F “Apollo” so special (or not so special), with examination of why it matters (or doesn’t).

How to Cheat at Film Photography – Simple Tips for Making Better Photos

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Film photography can be hard. The learning curve is often steep, and blasting through twenty rolls of film as we learn the ropes can be…

How to Slow Down & Love Photography … Again

1280 720 James Tocchio

For me, photography is often a solitary pursuit. At times this is a blessing. The calm of twiddling dials and manipulating a tripod can be a…

Which Leica Rangefinder Should I Buy?

2200 1237 James Tocchio

Want a Leica rangefinder, but not sure which one is right for you? Our buyer’s guide can help you pick your best fit.