Five Best Films for Underwater Photography

2000 1326 Chloe Ellison

Though my grandparents lived in New Jersey, their cellar transported me to the mountains of Afghanistan, the heart…

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Single Shot Stories No. 013 – Polaroid Colour Swinger by Ronnie Brandon

2016 2525 Guest Author

Like the Colour Swinger, I am orphaned now, but just for a moment I felt my folks over my shoulder as I pulled the camera from my bag.

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Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Film Photography

2200 1462 Chloe Ellison

For beginners, shooting film can be a challenge. But shooting film underwater? Don’t dive without reading this guide.

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Beginner’s Guide to Ilford Delta 400

2560 789 Roberto Felipe

Everything you need to know to get started with black-and-white photography and Ilford Delta 400.

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Single Shot Stories No. 012 – Skateboard by Jeff Greenstein

1443 2000 Guest Author

Jeff Greenstein tells the story of how his kinetic and dreamy photo of a skateboarder came to life with the help of an unusual and inscrutable old camera.

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In Search of a Filmic Digital Sensor

2000 1125 Guest Author

Tom Perry shares a selection of his favorite “filmic sensor” cameras, digital cameras making images with a vintage look.

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Keks KM-Q OLED Light Meter Review

2200 1237 James Tocchio

James reviews the Keks KM-Q, the newest and smallest light meter from Keks Camera.

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In Praise of Bad Photographs

2200 1506 Guest Author

While looking back through a fat binder full of negatives, I came to a realization: most of these photographs are bad.

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New York City and the Half-frame 35mm Olympus Pen D

2200 1238 Guest Author

Today’s guest author introduces us to the Olympus Pen D, a half-frame 35mm film camera.

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Minolta MC Fisheye Rokkor X 7.5mm F/4 Lens Review

2560 1440 James Tocchio

James shoots and reviews the Minolta MC Fisheye Rokkor X 7.5mm F/4, the widest lens that Minolta ever produced.

This is the Best Camera Condition Description I’ve Ever Seen

2800 1575 James Tocchio

There’s a running gag among the CP staff writers, and if you’re a camera collector or anyone who has spent some time browsing eBay for…

Film and Me, Five Years Later (Expectation Versus Reality)

2000 1125 Dario Veréb

Dario loves film cameras, but five years later he grapples with the reality of shooting film. Read his thoughts & add yours in the comments.

Let’s Roast – We Pick Our Most Hated Cameras

1600 900 James Tocchio

Get ready for some grumpy, burnt out bitching about camera stuff from writers who possibly spend a bit too much time shooting them. You’re still…

Why Take Pictures? Answering the Existential Crisis of the Photography Hobbyist

2100 1181 James Tocchio

James explores the existential crisis of the in-a-rut hobbyist photographer – what’s the point of making pictures anyway?