F/8 And Be There – the Unclear Origin of a Photographic Mantra and What It Really Means

2560 1440 James Tocchio

James explores the unclear origin of “f/8 and be there” and contemplates what the photographic mantra really means today.

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Astronaut Ed White, the First American Space Walk, and the Camera He Used

2400 1600 Cheyenne Morrison

I was seven years old the day that Neil Armstrong took that famous “giant leap for mankind” upon the Moon. I vividly remember taking the day off from school so that we could watch this…

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The Big Shot Polaroid – Andy Warhol’s Pen & Pencil 

1920 1080 Cheyenne Morrison

“Mr. Land [Edwin] invented this great camera called a Polaroid, and it just takes the face of the person. There is something about the camera that makes the person look just right. They usually come…

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