Pack FIlm

A Look Back at One of Polaroid’s Last and Best Films – Chocolate 100

1920 1080 Cheyenne Morrison

Remember that girlfriend or boyfriend from your youth? That really special person that you still find yourself dreaming about long after you’ve gone your separate ways? That’s how I feel about Polaroid Chocolate 100 film.…

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Pack Film Comeback – Everything You Need to Know About the Supersense Kickstarter

4485 2410 James Tocchio

A new Kickstarter from a familiar face in the instant film community hopes to resurrect the magic of peel-apart pack film. Supersense is an Austrian company led by Florian Kaps, the former founder of Impossible Project.…

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Five Photography Products We Want to See Rise From The Dead

2000 1125 James Tocchio

It’s Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, that ghoulish night of the year dedicated to remembering the dead. It’s also the night of the year in which the unlikely reanimation of rotting corpses seems most possible. Zombies…

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