FILM Ferrania

Film Review : Ferrania Orto – a Lesson in Patience

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FILM Ferrania’s newest film is here, and today’s guest author Daler Fergani kindly shares their experience shooting it.

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Opinion – What is going on with Ferrania’s new film Orto? 

2000 993 Rich Stroffolino

In an age when every price increase or film cancellation sparks fear that our beloved medium, film, is going away, I should be nothing but elated whenever a film company announces a new film stock.…

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Ferrania P30 Alpha Film Profile, plus we chat with FILM Ferrania US Director David Bias

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FILM Ferrania is a unique company with a unique product. The Italian cinema film maker reached their peak of influence in the mid-twentieth century, and their first new product since a 2014 resurrection is a…

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