Minolta X-570 and the Maxxum 7000 – The End (and Beginning) of an Era

1940 1091 Jeb Inge

Minolta’s story is almost Shakespearean; filled with both beauty and tragedy. The company was one of the most innovative and groundbreaking in the photo industry. They consistently invented new technologies and implemented breakthrough features years…

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The Minolta a7 is the Perfect Film SLR for Shooters Who Want it All

2200 1238 James Tocchio

James reviews a Minolta AF SLR that’s so damn good it feels like launching into DOOM and instantly typing IDDQD.

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Nikon Approaches its High Water Mark with the N90s – Camera Review

2000 1125 Jeb Inge

There was a time when Nikon was the undisputed ruler of the camera kingdom. The length of that dominance spans decades during which the brand produced some of the finest SLRs ever made, in machines…

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Minolta AF Macro 100mm F/2.8 A Mount Lens Review – Spoiler : It’s Perfect

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Photography is a fluid craft. The light, our subjects, and even our interests are always in flux. So it helps when our gear can keep up. And it’s this uncommon versatility (combined with amazing image…

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Canon EOS 650 Camera Review – The Autofocus Revolution Arrives

1924 1082 Jeb Inge

The late 1980s brought big changes and a moment of decision for every camera maker in the world. And the harbinger of that change was a thing called autofocus. But the adoption of this technology,…

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