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The Legendary Cameras of James Bond

I’ll admit it; Ian Fleming’s Bond novels and the resulting franchise of films are one of the guilty pleasures I’ll allow myself. The books that brought the world of 007…

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Featured Photophile No. 014 – Alan Z Chen

Featured Photophile, our recurring series showcasing talented amateur photographers, is back with more photo inspiration for you. Today’s FP features some really incredible photos from a shooter named Alan Chen.…

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Featured Photophile No. 008 – Enzo Gohlke

Featured Photophile, our recurring segment showcasing talented amateur photographers, is back. Today we’re spotlighting a young photophile named Lorenz Gohlke, known to his pals as Enzo. Enzo is a classic example of today’s modern…

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How to See in Black-and-White

Color, in many ways, is the essence of life. Our eyes and brains are built to see it. Brand identities are built on it. And so are our personal fashion sensibilities…

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Not Everyone Needs a Leica

I recently overheard a teenage customer asking the clerk of a local camera shop about some gear. He wanted to replace his kit lens, but he couldn’t afford the lens…

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10 Holiday Gifts for Photo Geeks

The holidays are here, and you’ve got a photographer on your shopping list. At the best of times, this can be a daunting task; camera enthusiasts are seriously picky about their gear. But…

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