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Ryan Alexander Huang is a writer-director of film and a USC School of Cinematic Arts alumnus, but growing up with photography in his home state of Minnesota is what started it all. History’s people, objects, and moments inspire his storytelling, and the cameras that captured those moments are no exception. You can find more of his work at and on Instagram @ralexanderhuang.

Frequently buried in too many cameras, Danielle is the poster child for Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Accidentally tripping into film photography several years ago, it now consumes her life with over 40 cameras in her collection. Located in the Midwest, when she’s not messing around with cameras you can find her hiking, cuddling cats, or doing watercolor illustrations.

Alex Sinclair is a photographer and writer living just outside Dublin, Ireland. His hobbies include not being able to decide what to watch on Netflix, studying Japanese, and expanding his CV to include as many strange jobs as possible.

Dave Carulli is a freelance videographer, photographer and journalist based in Seattle. On foot or bike, he spends as much time as possible deep in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and has never been known to leave the house with fewer than two cameras in tow. He also has a penchant for dropping everything and driving to Utah whenever possible.

I make a living off of boring writing, occasionally enjoying putting together a piece about music or photography. Also keen on cooking, video games and all things '80-90s: synth pop, cars, movies, walkmans... cameras. Fun fact: I live in the town which produced about 80% of the soviet camera gear (Zeniths, FEDs, Zorky's - that's the name of the local team) - Krasnogorsk. Hashtag representing. Practically everybody's grandma has an old film camera here.

Dario Veréb is a photographer and journalist from Zurich, Switzerland. After having shot extensively with an Olympus Mju II Zoom 80 in his childhood he rediscovered his love for film photography when he stumbled across an Olympus OM-1 in his hometown. He has not found a cure for his GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) since and is often found roaming flea markets and thrift stores in search of cheap point and shoots and all things Japanese.

Sroyon is an amateur photographer who likes making images with pinhole cameras, smartphones and everything in between. He also enjoys working on collaborative projects, alternative processes, and developing and printing in the darkroom.

Eric was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio where he developed a fascination for photography early in life exploring his father’s dark room. He is drawn to images that tell a story or capture the beauty in the mundane. These days Eric is living in Japan searching for his place of personal Zen and for that elusive decisive moment. Instagram here -

Jarrod Hills is a high school teacher, father to a five-year-old daughter, and a fan of everything on wheels, being outside, and capturing family moments.