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Daniel Rider grew up in Portland, Oregon and currently resides in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is a published drone photographer and uses digital and film for street photography. Favorite Camera: anything pocketable and wide.

Allysse (she/they) is an image maker, writer, sound artist, and microadventurer (not necessarily in that order). At the source of their work are their journeys and every day life with a focus on nature. Through non-fiction pieces and imagery, they recount the personal stories they encounter in daily life and during their travels, taking the reader/viewer/listener outdoors with them. They become the guide through which the audience can embark on a journey in a particular space and time, noticing the small details of life, meeting strangers, exploring new landscapes, and delving into their inner world.

Lukas Flippo is a first-generation low-income student at Yale University from rural Mississippi. Lukas is a photojournalist, with work appearing in the New York Times, TIME, IndyStar, and the Sun Herald.

Jon is a New England based photographer, outdoor enthusiast and IT consultant. Jon enjoys skiing, 80's rock, collecting bikes, exploring new areas, old cars, thrift stores, and strong coffee. He can be found on instagram @realjonwu or at

I'm a London-based film photographer. I bought my first camera (digital) in 2012 and, after my friend gifted me my first film SLR in 2015 (the Olympus Om10), I never looked back. I enjoy shooting landscape images, but years of shooting film has shown me that there is something unique about portrait photography. Join me while I attempt to experiment with a blend of landscape and portraiture! More at

Mathieu Lamontagne-Cumiford is an anthropologist, aspiring photographer, amateur writer, and liar based out of Montreal, Canada.

Rich Stroffolino is a podcast producer and amateur photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Albert Silver was born in New York, raised in Paris, and lives in Rio de Janeiro. His photography began covering chess events, such as the World Championships, and his work has featured in many of the most prominent magazines of the genre as well as books. He also works in software development, writing, translation, and teaching.

Matt Wright is a part-time photographer in San Diego and Salt Lake City. As a sometimes lapsed Leica fanboy he is currently researching rangefinder lenses at the Leica Lenses for Normal People website [] and can be found on Instagram @leicalensesfornormalpeople and @themattw.