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Adam Harker is a lifelong lover of photography, shooting both film and digital. Based in Toronto, Canada, he currently shoots landscape, architectural and event photography professionally. Feel free to visit Adam's site at if you'd like to see his work.

Sarah Rizzo is a writer, photographer, and incessant research addict with too many hobbies and not enough time. Her earliest memory is taking photos in her childhood backyard on a 35mm spy camera. When she’s not taking photos, she can be found endlessly talking about old cameras to anyone who will listen.

Tanner Gooding is a film photographer and coffee enthusiast living in the beautiful francophone city of Montreal. He found his first film camera in a basement antique shop in his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and has spent the last eight years exploring everything there is to know about film photography. He shares his love of film cameras and photography through his writing.

My name is Echo Lens Photography, at least that is my photographic pen name. My photographic interest began seven years ago when I bought a Sony A6000 for my birthday. Seven years later, I am fully analog with Nikon as my 35mm system of choice and photograph across all formats from 35mm to Super 8. I currently reside in Fort Worth, TX where I am a proud member of Fort Worth Photo Club alongside many talented photographers and wonderful people. I’m very excited to share my thoughts, knowledge, and experience with everyone!

Currently living in Spokane, wa. Milo Krims is working towards making film photography and it's processes accessible to everyone, no matter their financial situation. He's also been fully enveloped by the film overlords for the last 3 1/2 years, wiggling his way into having a tiny YouTube channel, while leaving dark room prints scotch taped to random things around town. He develops and scans film for friends and he loves the sun. A lot.

Daniel Rider grew up in Portland, Oregon and currently resides in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is a published drone photographer and uses digital and film for street photography. Favorite Camera: anything pocketable and wide.

Allysse (she/they) is an image maker, writer, sound artist, and microadventurer (not necessarily in that order). At the source of their work are their journeys and every day life with a focus on nature. Through non-fiction pieces and imagery, they recount the personal stories they encounter in daily life and during their travels, taking the reader/viewer/listener outdoors with them. They become the guide through which the audience can embark on a journey in a particular space and time, noticing the small details of life, meeting strangers, exploring new landscapes, and delving into their inner world.

Lukas Flippo is a first-generation low-income student at Yale University from rural Mississippi. Lukas is a photojournalist, with work appearing in the New York Times, TIME, IndyStar, and the Sun Herald.