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Jonathan Ma is a photographer and artist based in Los Angeles, who majored and graduated from UCLA in 2020. Jonathan is currently a pre-medical student who loves photography and always has a camera.

Chloe Ellison is a writer and photographer passionate about preserving the underwater world. She is the type of person who packs a bathing suit no matter the destination. Chloe splits her time between Cape Town and Cape Cod.

Sean is a Brooklyn-based photographer, actor, and playwright. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Stockton University in 2017. More of his work can be seen at

M for filM’s journey into film photography can be best summarized in the wise words of Bilbo Baggins: “there and back again.” When she is not proposing undying love to her analog muse (or cursing it well into the afterlife), she works as an anthropologist here and there. That, too, is another thing she likes to love and curse daily. Oh well… M's instagram account is here

Shawn Granton is a film photographer and cyclist from the Pacific Northwest, whose many works can be explored on the site -

Matthew Luzitano is the Chief Technology Officer of Clean Catalog, a writer, and an amateur photographer. He lives in Plymouth with his wife, four kids, and his basset hound, whose ears are bigger than pancakes.

Adam Harker is a lifelong lover of photography, shooting both film and digital. Based in Toronto, Canada, he currently shoots landscape, architectural and event photography professionally. Feel free to visit Adam's site at if you'd like to see his work.

Sarah Rizzo is a writer, photographer, and incessant research addict with too many hobbies and not enough time. Her earliest memory is taking photos in her childhood backyard on a 35mm spy camera. When she’s not taking photos, she can be found endlessly talking about old cameras to anyone who will listen.