Check Out These Amazing Items from Flints Auctions’ November 19th Catalog

2000 1125 James Tocchio

Joshua from Flints Auctions gives us a look at some of the incredible photographic rarities to be had in their upcoming November 19th auction.

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Make a Difference in Someone’s Life – Buy a Hat from Brooklyn Film Camera

1400 933 James Tocchio

Make photography film again with a hat from Brooklyn Film Camera, with a bonus that all profits will be going to charity!

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Kitamura Camera in Shinjuku, Tokyo is a Must-See Shop for Photographers

1594 897 James Tocchio

Kitamura Camera has opened a new flagship shop in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and it’s the most beautiful camera shop I’ve ever seen. See the photos.

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We Interview the Director of Sirkhane Darkroom, a Mobile Photography School for Refugee Children

1280 720 Josh Solomon

We speak with the director of Sirkhane Darkroom, whose aim is to teach the arts to children refugees from the Syrian Civil War on the Turkish side of the Turkey-Syria border.

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Meet the Nons SL42, A New Instant Film SLR Camera with M42 Lens Mount

679 383 James Tocchio

A new Kickstarter campaign has launched today which seeks to fund production of a new Instax instant film camera, an SLR with an M42 lens mount!

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FILM Ferrania Store Re-opens, Ferrania P30 Film Now Shipping to USA and Canada

2200 1238 James Tocchio

We chat with Dave Bias, Sales and Marketing Director for FILM Ferrania who have just reopened their online shop selling Ferrania P30 film to the USA and Canada.

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Ilford Announces a New Film in 35mm and 120 Formats – Ortho Plus

1240 414 Aaron Stennett

Ilford Photo has just announced a range of new products to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the British film manufacturer. As well as offering a new updated range of resin-based photographic paper, Ilford will release their…

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Touring the Kodak Factory with a Nikon Z7 and a Kodak Ektra

2800 1575 James Tocchio

James takes a tour of the Kodak campus in Rochester, New York, and shoots it with the brand new Nikon Z7 and an ancient Kodak Ektra film camera.

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Check Out These Amazing Items from Flints Auctions’ October 18th Auction of Fine Photographica

2800 1575 James Tocchio

We highlight a small selection of special lots from the upcoming Flints Auctions October 18th, 2019 catalog of Fine Photographica.

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Polaroid Originals Announces Discontinuation of all Spectra Films

2800 1200 James Tocchio

Polaroid Originals today announced that production of all Spectra Series film for classic Polaroid Spectra cameras has been officially discontinued. The news of the discontinuation comes following numerous reports from Spectra camera users over the…

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Lomography Kickstarts a Brand New Color Film, LomoChrome Metropolis

2800 1575 Jeb Inge

Lomography just launched a Kickstarter campaign that aims to introduce a brand new color film – LomoChrome Metropolis – in 35mm, 120, and other formats.

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Negative Supply Film Carrier MK1 Kickstarter Launches Today

1281 721 Drew Chambers

Negative Supply announces the Kickstarter for their Film Carrier MK 1, a new solution for scanning and digitizing film with your DSLR or mirror-less camera.

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Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros II is Coming – New Black-and-White Film in 2019

1809 1602 James Tocchio

Fujifilm Japan has just announced a new black-and-white film, Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros II, and that it will be available in 35mm and 120 formats beginning in the fall of 2019 (the full press release…

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Lomography Announces the Lomogon, a New 32mm Lens for Nikon and Canon Cameras

1212 759 Jeb Inge

Lomography has just unveiled the Lomogon, a brand new 32mm lens, and after just 24 hours the brand’s latest Kickstarter is an instant success. We’ve got all the details. The Lomogon is a 32mm lens…

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