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Timothy Lebedin

Timothy Lebedin

I make a living off of boring writing, occasionally enjoying putting together a piece about music or photography. Also keen on cooking, video games and all things '80-90s: synth pop, cars, movies, walkmans... cameras. Fun fact: I live in the town which produced about 80% of the soviet camera gear (Zeniths, FEDs, Zorky's - that's the name of the local team) - Krasnogorsk. Hashtag representing. Practically everybody's grandma has an old film camera here.

A Rangefinder Beginner’s Thoughts on the Canon 7

2000 1125 Timothy Lebedin

“Come on! Open it,” she said, nodding at the gift-wrapped box which I was holding in my arms. I knew exactly what was inside. Or at least, I thought I did – film. I’m not big…

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