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In addition to our staff writers, we accept articles from passionate and knowledgeable photo people. If you have an article idea that you'd like to publish on Casual Photophile, please submit it to our email address for articles -

Single Shot Stories No. 011 – Matthew Morse, This is Normal

1280 849 Guest Author

Matthew Morse shares the story of his beautiful daughter and the tricycle that’s more than a toy, in today’s Single Shot Stories.

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$21.26 – The Price of a Thousand Memories

2200 1650 Guest Author

Another phenomenal guest post from Lukas Flippo, about the billions of memories crammed into a million SD cards all over the world.

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Single Shot Stories No. 010 – Justin Kingery, a Jump in the Park

2000 1333 Guest Author

In our latest community-driven Single Shot Story, Justin Kingery writes about parental love and shares a gravity-defying shot.

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Historical Hovercrafts Through a Rolleicord Lens – Guest Post by Jacob Downey

2000 2000 Guest Author

Jacob Downey shoots historical hovercrafts through a Rolleicord Xenar lens, and shares the journey in today’s Guest Post.

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There’s Romance in the Pikes Peak Phone Lines: Documentary Form and Robert Adams by Lukas Flippo

866 790 Guest Author

Matt and his girlfriend were kissing on the couch. They were in their third evolution. Maybe their third? It was hard to keep track. One day Matt would do his brotherly duty of driving me…

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Is a Photograph Worth a Thousand Words? – By Lukas Flippo

2048 1364 Guest Author

I stayed. Staring at the world of Winogrand, the America of the 1950s and 1960s, realizing that I didn’t have answers…

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Single Shot Stories No. 009 – Alistair Hamilton, Bath Cat

1279 2000 Guest Author

Everyone likes cat pictures, right? How about if they’re made with a Nikon F2 and 55mm f/1.2? Shot in 1987? Even better.

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A Mississippi Cemetery and a Shattered Glass Plate – by Lukas Flippo

2000 1500 Guest Author

Every time we visit my grandfather’s grave, my dad makes a joke. “You know why they have fences around cemeteries? Because people are just dyin’ to get in!”

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In Japan, Digicams are the New Film – Guest Post by Johnny Yokoyama

2000 1125 Guest Author

I’d like to introduce a new photography trend. Welcome to the exciting world of “Digicams.” Wait! Don’t roll your eyes just yet!

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Single Shot Stories No. 008 – Jarrod Hills, Asian Wok

1429 2000 Guest Author

Jarrod Hills contemplates and captures the things we lose to unrestrained gentrification in today’s Single Shot Story.

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Single Shot Stories No. 007 – Chris Lonardo, Car Fire in Dumbo

1600 2000 Guest Author

Our latest Single Shot Story comes from Chris Lonardo, whose photo reminds us that we should always carry a camera.

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Single Shot Stories No. 006 – Adam Dorius, Millcreek Fire

1373 2000 Guest Author

Our latest Single Shot Story comes from Adam Dorius, who captured one serious conflagration with their Nikon!

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Haystack Heroes – a Charity Project Zine by Tommaso Carrara

2048 1365 Guest Author

For my very first trip post pandemic, my girlfriend and I decided to spend ten days in the North Isles of Scotland at the end of August 2021. As full-time workers based in London, we…

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Chinatown is Empty – Shot by Yameen on Lomography and Ferrania Film

2000 1125 Guest Author

Yameen, today’s guest writer, brings us along to photograph San Francisco’s Chinatown with Lomography film, a Mamiya 7 and a Nikon L35AF.

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